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Adrienne Zinn is a self-taught artist who discovered her passion for painting later in life. Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Adrienne grew up sailing with her father in Long Island Sound and the Gulf of Mexico. Her father’s love of the ocean and his own artistic expression fostered Adrienne’s love of art beginning in early childhood.   



“When I uncovered my ability to paint, I knew that an artist had been living inside me all of my life. I begin my paintings with the shapes and colors I see. The painting then comes to life as my feelings about the subject surface. I enjoy experimenting with various mediums and methods, so each piece is different in some way. I have a particular affinity for depicting people, boats, water, and dogs. My education in sociology and my world travels are strong influences on my work. Painting has become an integral part of who I am today”



Chabad Intown - Resilience Inaugural Art Exhibit - August 2020 to October 2021

Grandview Gallery - East Meets West with Ikebana Floral Art  - March 2020 - "Threads of Fatehpur Sikri" and

              " Courtyard" 

Grandview Gallery - Synchronicity Juried Exhibit - February 2020 - "Waiting"

The W Hotel Grandview Show - January 2020 - "Rising Tide" and "Acacia"

Grandview Gallery - Reality of Abstraction - November 2019 - "Mom"

Grandview Gallery - Small Works - July 2019 - "Late Afternoon Swim" and "P.E.I"

Park Place - Travels on Canvas - May 2019 - Solo Show, Atlanta, GA 

Grandview Gallery - World Wide View/Autumn Salon, Juried Exhibit - September 2017 - "I Am" and "Waiting"

Good News Cafe - Worldscapes - April 2017 to June 2017 - Solo show, Woodbury, CT

Grandview Gallery - Little Gems Show - November 2016 - "Rockhopper Penguin" Antarctica #6

Grandview Gallery - Fruits of Our Labor Show - September 2016 - "A Whale's Tail" Antarctica #4 and

              "Summer Melting" Antarctica #3

Swan Coach House Gallery - Little Things - November 12, 2015 - January 6, 2016 - Tiny House Series 1-7,                   “Boy and Cart”, “Peaks”, “Svaneke Cottage Flowers” 

Grandview Gallery - Fruits of Our Labor Show - September 2015 - “Door"

Grandview Gallery - Synchronicity Juried Exhibit - February 2015 - "Collecting at Low Tide"

Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library "Hooray! We're 60! AAC Art Exhibition - August 2014

              "Waiting for Water" and "The Long Journey"

Grandview Gallery Fruits of Our Labor Show - September 2014 - "Up Close"

Grandview Gallery All Squares Show - August 2014 - "A Star Creek Fall Day"

Grandview Gallery Summer Salon at AAC, Juried Exhibit - July 2014 -  "Rest"

Grandview Gallery Dogwood Show, Juried Exhibit - April 2014 – “Danish Beauties"

Grandview Gallery March Inspiration Show – March 2014 – “Little Helpers” and “Solitary Vessel”

Fine Art America – January 2014, International Women Artists – Featured “Little Helpers”

Grandview Gallery – December 2013 – “Sentry of the Dunes”

Grandview Gallery Juried Exhibit – August 2013 – “Sunset in the Chattahoochee National Forest”

The Art Colony – Profile of the Week July 29, 2013

Grandview Gallery Dogwood Show, Juried Exhibit – April 2013 - “Low Tide on Zanzibar” 
The Art Colony – Year in Review Selection 2013 “280 Gurdon Street” – Architecture

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